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Restoring mechanical parts to Serviceable condition.

Materials such as:
~ Carbon Steel
~ Aluminum
~ Stainless Steel


Improve smoother running conditions, Lengthens its service life, Increased performance.

Balancing such as:
~ Rotor & Impeller
~ Mechanical Turbines


Fabricating metal and other material parts, according to sample or drawings.

Fabrication such as:
~ Mechanical Parts
Welding such as:


To rebuild and protect parts damaged by erosion-corrosion, As well increase its efficiency.

Coating such as:
~ Impeller Coating
~ Pump Casing

Corrosion Resistant Coating

This method is typically used to protect surfaces from atmospheric corrosion or chemical attack.
The most commonly used coating are:
• Stainless Steel (316)
• Aluminium

Coating for Hard Bearing Surfaces / Hard Facing

As these bearings undergo high levels of stress and wear, by applying coating, it will increase its wear resistance and result in a longer service life.

Coating for Improved Fretting and Fatigue Resistance

This coating for parts which are subjected to frequent sliding, rolling, impacting or vibration. Coating improve the material’s toughness and reduces tensile stress.
Most common materials used are:
• Aluminium Bronze
• Copper Nickle Indium

Coating for Erosion Resistance

Coating for erosive wear is dependent on the severity and type of erosion. For solid impingement erosion at a sallow angle of attach where the wear is similar to that of abrasion, high hardness coatings are required.
Common coatings are:
• Oxide ceramics like chromium oxide
• Fused Self Fluxing Alloys

Coating for Soft Bearing Surfaces

Coating on a soft bearing material allows the embedding of abrasive particles and permits deformation to accommodate some misalignment of the bearing surface.
Most commonly used materials are:
• Aluminium Bronze
• Phosphor Bronze
• White Metal or Babbit